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Lausoe Service ApS is a production-, development, and servicebusiness with emphasis on quality in all that we do.


Lausoe Service ApS began as a one-man business in 1974. There are currenty 7 employees in the company.

Lausoe Service ApS is a socially responsible business with several employees occupying part-time jobs on special terms for relieving physical challenges. The company has multiple times been recognised as a company that makes an extra effort for employees from socially disadvantaged groups. Company owner René Christiansen has been nominated by the community of Haderslev as mentor of the year 2012 - an award given to a mentor who is dedicated to making an extra effort to create trust and respect for unemployed.


GazelleLausoe Service ApS is a business in constant development and growth. The business has credit rating A and was in 2013 a so-called gazelle business as defined by the Danish economic newspaper Boersen. A Gazelle business is defined by being a company which, during the last four years, has shown continuous growth in turnover or net profit, and over-all more than doubled turnover or net profit.


Manufacturer Erik Lausten founded Lausoe Maskinservice (machineservice) in 1974. The first products produced were graincontainers, agriculturing- and forestingmachinery primarily sold in Sweden. In 1978 the business was sold to a company in Ikast, Denmark.

In 1986 Erik Lausten opened Lausoe Maskinservice again - this time located in Haderslev, Denmark. In the beginning the company primarily sold Honda products like gardening machines and boat engines. Shortly after the relaunch the company started developing on these engines and building them into self propelled wheelbarrows - mainly for graveyard-work and graindozers for the big EU-grainstorages.

In 1986 Erik also began making remote controls for tractor forklifts which expanded to also including telehandlers. In the beginning all remote controls were cabled. Today Lausoe Service ApS almost exclusively produces and mounts radio controls on machines.

Lausoe Maskinservice needed more room in Haderslev and thus in 1997 moved to Industriparken 10 in Vojens, Denmark.

In 2004 René Christiansen took over the company, which then changed it's name to Lausø Maskinservice ApS. With the new owner Lausø Maskinservice ApS primarily delivered machines for the construction industry that was a blossoming industry in those years. Unfortunately the financial crisis ended the golden days of the construction industry and thus unfortunately also for Lausø Maskinservice ApS that had to shut down business in 2009. Owner René Christiansen then chose to start the company anew from his home address and the company changed it name to Lausoe Service ApS.

After 5 år in different locations in Sommersted and on Tingvejen 40A in Vojens, Lausoe Service ApS is now located in adequately sized buildings on Tingvejen 30A which gives the company the possibillity to grow and develop even more.